the faces and places that would otherwise disappear, are now fated to a frame…these images are a love letter to a city.

My photography connects modern life and the comforting, familiar nostalgia of yesterday. Extracting moments of the quiet mundane to the emotional warfare of protests, the photos I create are the visible results of the lives I have fated to a frame. Love letters to a city that embraces us on it’s sidewalks, keeping us close by in the buildings that house us. These images are my response and reaction to a circumstance, an encounter, or an expression. Always working candidly as an observer, documenting what comes before me in the form of life unfolding. Drawing my eye to a detail, giving me only enough information to create my own narrative. And in this small detail, this seemingly unknown minutia, a fragment that might not even be known to the subject, unfolds the unlimited possibility of story telling.